Compact aeration non-reagent system for water purification from hydrogen sulfide

Purpose: Clears water from the well from excess hydrogen sulfide. Drastically increases the efficiency of equipment for deironing water. Сontinuous supply of drinking water with the possibility of smooth regulation of the flow capacity from 0 to 4 cubic meters per hour.


The presence of soluble iron and manganese in groundwater leads to the formation of colonies of ferromanganese bacteria, which convert the sulfates and sulfides dissolved in water into hydrogen sulfide. As a result, the water gets an unpleasant taste and smell of rotten eggs, a marsh odor.

The fact that the presence of hydrogen sulfide dissolved in water, usually indicates an excess of the concentration of iron, is left without attention. Namely, in the oxidation of soluble iron in the presence of hydrogen sulfide, together with iron hydroxide (rust), a significant amount of colloidal sulfur is formed which leads, for example, to the premature passivation of the external surface of the variable filter elements in cartridge plants, or drastically reduces the activity of the filtering charge in the balloon Type. A compact aeration non-reagent system is designed to prevent these undesirable consequences, taking into account the listed shortcomings of the equipment. In the price segment, the installation refers to budget goods of domestic production that are available to the general public. All main components and consumables are produced in Ukraine.



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