About us


KIYREMPOBUT specializes in the production of plastic products for water purification: filter housings, components and various types of cartridges.

As the first production company in this field with over 20 years of experience, we serve our customers with high-quality products in the field of water filtration.

Our company has its own technological section and equipment, many molds, several production lines with various technological processes.

The plastic products production line includes several injection molding machines and makes it possible to produce various plastic products weighing up to 5 kg. Kiyrempobut is the only company in Ukraine that manufactures Big Blue filter housing.

The cartridge production line produces filter elements of various sizes and applications: polypropylene fiber and polypropylene filament cartridges, filling canisters and GAC cartridges with various filtering fillings. The production of an industrial range has been mastered.

Our pneumatic extrusion equipment has high productivity and produces polypropylene cartridges of various lengths and external diameters of the filter rating from 1 to 50 microns. Also developed our own technology for the production of integrated filter structures.

All our products have TU and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

Among our customers you can find city water utilities, power plants, well-known pharmaceutical companies, beverage plants, chemical plants, etc.

Our success proves that our customers will benefit from our product quality and competitive prices.