Combined cartridge Big Blue 20″ mechanical cleaning


Filtration rating: 20/5 microns – two-gradient

Filter material:

Inner layer – polypropylene fiber

Outer layer – polypropylene thread


The two gradient cartridge for water filters has a multicomponent structure: a polypropylene thread is wound around the core of a polypropylene fiber made by pneumatic extrusion.
The inner core of polypropylene fiber usually has a half-lower filtration rating and prevents particles from being washed away from the surface filter layer wound from polypropylene filament. The inner layer itself has a bi-gradient filtration rating of 10 to 5 microns. Therefore, this combined filter cartridge for water filters has a total filtration rating of 20/10/5 microns.
The retained particles of contaminants are evenly distributed from the outside inward through the thickness of the filter material, thereby providing an increased cartridge life for water.

Operating temperature – “+2 – +43 C;

The filtering material is polypropylene fiber, polypropylene thread;

Filtration rating – from 20 microns to 5 microns


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