Our production

Our products and directions of work:

The new generation of water filters Compact Systems, the intended use of the housing-cartridge concept.

1. Compact. Ideal choise when space is limited under the sink.

2. Have higher hygienic properties. During installation and replacement, there is no contact of hands with the inner surface of the module.

3. Easy to install, replace. It is easy to change the number of stages, or even build up to reverse osmosis.

Kiyrempobut company produces cartridges for water of various sizes and applications.

Mechanical cartridges for polypropylene fiber and polypropylene yarn.

As well as gac cartridges and empty shell cups  for various purposes: dechlorination, softening, deferrization, purification from hydrogen sulfide etc.

Cartridge range: gac 10″, ltofc, GAC BB10″; GAC BB20″;

Compact aeration non-reagent system for water purification from hydrogen sulfide

Clears water from the well from excess hydrogen sulfide. Drastically increases the efficiency of equipment for deironing water. Сontinuous supply of drinking water with the possibility of smooth regulation of the flow capacity from 0 to 4 cubic meters per hour. In the price segment, the installation refers to budget goods of domestic production that are available to the general public. All main components and consumables are produced in Ukraine.