About Us

KIYREMPOBUT is based in Irpen, Ukraine and specialized in the production of components for water treatment systems, such as filter Housings, different kinds of cartridges and shell cups, water treatment accessories. As the first manufacturing company in this field with now 20 years of experience we serve our customers with high-quality products in the fields of water filtration.

KIYREMPOBUT has its own technological area and equipment, lots of molds, several production lines with various kinds of technological processes.

Plastic products production line counts several injection molding machines and gives opportunity to make different plastic products up to 5 kg weight. Additionally to water treatment components we are producing different plastic products for customized orders in other fields of application.

Our cartridges production line manufactures cartridges for water of diverse uses, volume and filtration rate: polypropylene cartridges, polypropylene yarn cartridges, shell cups and GAC cartridges with various filter media. It has mastered the production of industrial cartridge range.

Our air extrusion equipment has high capacity and produces polypropylene cartridges of various lengths and diameters with filter rating from 1 to 50 microns.

The equipment can be developed and customized to other applications such as air- , gas-, oil- treatment, others.

For all types of products we have technical specifications and sanitary-hygienic conclusions.

We supply our products to pharmaceutical companies, beverage factories, chemical factories, etc.

Our success proves that our clients and customers benefit from our quality products and competitive prices.